CNC 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine
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CNC 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

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Product Description

CNC 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

CNC 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

W12-series CNC Four-roller bending machine with international advanced technology, controlled by PLC programmable numerically, all hydraulic driving, it's a CNC rolling machine which can come true automatic bending, also it's the special equipment for bending curved, square, round, conical and other special shape working piece.


Design Characteristics of the CNC 4 roll bending machine

Numerically control, roll forming by one time.

Touch screen support visual input, edit,  save 500 sets data.

EPS electronic balance system, keep the rollers running parallel within 0.15mm.

Support man-machine dialog, fault self dialog, operation error intelligent judgment.

Drum shaped roller shaft, bending roundness, high straightness.

All hydraulic driving, both side rollers doing line running inner the guide.

The smaller central distance between two side rollers, come out the most correct bending precision.

Thick whole-frame, meet the need of middle & larger bending.

Machine frame integral quenching eliminate stress, never deformation.

The roller shaft is whole forging by quenching and tempering, hardening treatment  process.

Two control mode: manually and automatically.


Optional Special Device

Top support device

Lower roller auxiliary drive

Side support device

Cone device

Feeding roll-table

Roller shaft grinding/ chrome encapsulating


Advantage of  CNC 4 roll plate rolling machine:

★ 24 hours CNC boot monitoring;

★ The main key parts of the CNC remote service tracking;

★ CNC automation program version of the system upgrade maintenance;

★ the daily maintenance of equipment CNC alarm maintenance system;

★ the main drive stepless speed regulation;

★ the system pressure adjustable monitoring;


Six advanced technology of CNC 4 roll plate rolling machine: sheet automatic alignment, no deviation positioning, a roll forming, full hydraulic drive, automatic welding, PLC programming;

CNC 4 Roll Plate Rolling Machine

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