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CNC Press Brake

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CNC Press Brake

CNC Press Brake

CNC press brake(bending machine) is suitable for large steel structure, high tower light pole light pole girder car car related industries. CNC press brake(bending machine is essential for bending of thin plate. The die is composed of a support table and a clamping plate through to the electrical wire coil of platen of gravity, thus accomplishes the clamping plate between the pressure plate and the base. Because of the electromagnetic force clamping method was adopted which makes the linking piece process according to the specific requirements for production of workpiece, the operation is simple, and can process the lateral wall of the workpiece

CNC press brake (bending machine) has different models, common type are G,F, WC67K etc

The structure of the press brake

Mainly using plate bending machine structure: bending machine full closed-loop CNC system ,two grating ruler, a photoelectric encoder real-time detection feedback, stepper motor drive screw composed of full closed-loop control; Two grating ruler ,One pair of rear block and one pair of slider position real-time detection feedback correction;The position of the dead block of the oil cylinder is detected and fed back to the numerical control system by the photoelectric encoder

Features of CNC press brake

 1.Direct angle programming,angle compensation function  

2. Raster ruler real-time detection feedback correction full closed-loop control rear stop and slider dead stop positioning accuracy is 0.02mm

3.The upper die adopts quick clamping device and the lower die adopts wedge deformation compensation mechanism

4.With multi-step programming function,can realize multi-automatic operation,complete multi-step parts one time processing,improve production efficiency.

 5.According to the needs of users can choose stable performance, compact structure of the imported hydraulic system ,after block material can choose ball screw synchronous belt transmission

CNC Press Brake


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