Full Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine
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Full Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

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Product Description

Full Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Full Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Full hydraulic 4 roll plate bending machine is a machine which 4 rollers rotate and move are controlled by hydraulic, this kind of bending machine is mainly used for large workpiece.


Features of full hydraulic bending machine :

1. Full hydraulic movement (different with normal manual and mechanical type)

2. Independent hydraulic motors ( different with one electrical motor ,reducer and gear)

3. Automatic hydraulic linear speed compensation(different with low-efficient clutch)

4. Clamping pressure control(different with clamping without control)


Major parts of the bending machine manufacturing process :

1. Working rollers: cast steel ingot (chemical composition analysis): check performance-forging roughcast — forging annealing-UT flaw — roughing (mechanical tests)-heat treatment (hardening and tempering) — UT flaw — semi finishing — finishing — MT.

2. Large forgings: cylinder body, gear, gear shaft forging roughcast — surface inspection – roughing — UT flaw — UT flaw detector heat treatment — finishing semi—finishing — MT.

3. Welding structure: racks, chassis, wheel box

4. Plate in factory (chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties test) — pretreatment — for sheet metal cutting-welding-seam UT or RT flaw — annealing treatment — roughing-finishing— vibration stress relief—hot blasting —finishing


This kind of plate bending machine is very suit for below customers:

1. The customer who use the machine for first time, because it is very easy to operate

2. Lack of experience

3. Seeking for high precision,improve the quality

4. High productivity, increase profits

5. Hope only one operator, reduce labor cost

6. Because of the metal sheet is too large ,high production or for security which need to move the equipment

7. Hope CNC operate


Machine standard configuration:

1. Double LED digital electronic reading device (instead of the dial indicator)

2. Two clamping device roller driven by two independent hydraulic motor

3. Fully hydraulic rotate speed

4. Front console control the whole machine(in the most suitable operating device)

5. Hydraulic yoke ( Remove the closed molding drum)

6. Emergency safety stop


All of our plate bending machine can be designed according to customers’ real need, whether the roll driven by electrical, mechanical hydraulic or CNC 

Full Hydraulic 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

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