Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine
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Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

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Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine

The hydraulic 3 roll plate bending machine is used for rolling the plate into cylindrical shape,circular arc shape and conical shape under normal temperature.The machine with below features

1. Superior performance,compact Structure and convenient operate

2. Upper roll lifting and overturning device is adopted hydraulic drive.

3. The main driven by motor through the belt transmission, two under roll are driven through reducer

4. PLC programmable display control

5. Roller lifting is detected by displacement sensor and displayed by data display meter

6. Improve product efficiency and product quality

7. This type of plate bending machine has high efficiency compared with the mechanical bending machine,but the disadvantage is that the machine has residual plate head which needs to be rounded or pre-bending with the help of the other equipment.


Operation specification of 3 roll plate rolling machine:

1. The machine must be managed by special person

2. The operator must be familiar with the structure and use method of the rolling machine, without supervisor agree the machine can not be operated.

3. Check the safety device before start working.

4. During operation,hands and feet are strictly prohibited on the roller ,transmission parts and workpieces

5. When it interrupted, the clutch should be put into neutral

6. Someone must be in charge of conducting when in cooperative work

7. Forbid overload working

8. Up and down, turnover of the upper roller,reset of the bearing , balance of the upper roller should be done after the main drive stop

9. Keep the machine and work site clean and tidy all the time

10. Shut off the power and lock the power box after working

Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine


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