Hydraulic Shearing Machine
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Hydraulic Shearing Machine

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Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Shearing machine(also called Guillotine shear) is a kind of metal forming machinery.mainly used in metal processing.Shearing machine is a machine that uses a blade relative to another blade to make reciprocating linear movement to shear the plate.Through moving upper blade and a fixed lower blade,with a reasonable blade clearance,the shear force is applied to metal plates of various thickness to make the plates fracture and separate according to the required size.

Structure of the shearing machine:

1. Frame:steel welded with good rigidity,two cylinders fixed on the left and right column,worktable with auxiliary tool base, lower slide easy to make micro adjustment,there is feeding ball on the worktable easy to operate.

2. Pressing device:it is composed of several pressing oil cylinders mounted on the supporting plate in front of the fame,after the oil is fed into the pressing cylinder,the pressing head overcomes the spring tension and then clamp the plate strictly,after the shear is complete,reset through the spring tension

3. Front and back gauge: the front gauge is placed on the worktable surface, and the value is indicated by the ruler to adjust the movable gauge to reach the desired gauge value. It is convenient to use the front gauge when cutting the thin sheet.The back gauge is mounted on the top rest and swings up and down with the top rest. The adjustment of the back gauge is driven by motor and driven by screw rod after gear reduction, which can be fine-tuned manually

4. Hydraulic system:it is composed of control valve pump,oil pump,cylinder,return cylinder,press cylinder,and combined oil circuit.The whole system has reasonable structure,low noise,smooth operation ans good safety performance

5. Electrical part:it is composed of control cabinet,middle connection wire,control panel and main and auxiliary motor,foot switch and other devices,with high safety coefficient and excellent overall performance

Technical features:

· Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine is with Variable-rake, Shearing angle adjustable

· High quality plate welded structure will provide machine with high rigidity and shearing accuracy;

· Series left and right cylinders drive top shearing beam vertical move;

· NC control system can program on back gauge;

· Normal shear is with T screw. NC Back gauge is equipped with high accuracy ball screw

· Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine NC Back gauge has retract function

· The hydraulic system includes valve block, lower noise and high efficient gear pump, left/right hydraulic cylinders.

· With shearing plate hydraulic hold down system

· Electric and hydraulic system overload protection

· Shear blades is made from special alloy material with proper heat treatment; four cutting edges on both up and down blades

· Movable foot switch control plate shearing, with emergency stop

· Front support arms are with ruler, T-slot and flip-stop

· Working table is with ball or roller transfers;

· Shadow line facility with fluorescent lighting

· Front finger protection, rear protection fence and side throat guards

· Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine Oil tank is with level and temperature indicator.

Hydraulic Shearing Machine


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