Metal Plate Forming Hydraulic Presses
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Metal Plate Forming Hydraulic Presses

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Metal Plate Forming Hydraulic Presses

Metal Plate Forming Hydraulic Presses

Structures of themetal forming hydraulic presses

Metal plate forming hydraulic press consist of two parts:then main engine and the control mechanism.The hydraulic press consist of a hydraulic cylinder,a beam column and a liquid filling device.The power mechanism is composed of the motor pressure valve direction valve of the high pressure pump control system of the oil tank.

The metal plate forming hydraulic press has independent power mechanism and electrical system,and adopts the centralized control of buttons,which can realize three operation modes of adjustment,manual,and semi-automatic

The main device of themetal forming hydraulic presses

Hydraulic device

The hydraulic system adopts variable pump oil supply system and large flow centralized control valve block.Oil suction filter is set at the outlet of the pump to prevent impurities form entering the hydraulic system and ensure the normal operation of the oil circuit.

The system has oil temperature,oil level display,air filter and other devices

The oil cylinder is  made of welded steel plate,equipped with cleaning window,and equipped with screw plug oil for discharge and sewage discharge at the bottom

Electric system

The machine is equipped with an independent electrical control box to control the operation of the whole machine

Operation system

Set adjustment,manual and automatic three operation modes and fixed range ,fixed pressure two process forms

Cooling system

- light curtain for safety                                                                      
- invert for adjustable stroke speed                                          
- variable speed motor for adjustable stroke speed                  
- cushion
- hydraulic die quick change device

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