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Note for use of plate winding machine?

Matters needing attention:
There must be a special person in charge of the rolling machine.
Operators must be familiar with the structure, performance and use of the rolling machine, after the responsible management of consent, before the operation.
Check the safety device carefully before starting.

When operating, it is strictly forbidden to put hands and feet on rollers, transmission parts and workpieces.

After the interruption of work, the clutch should be hit to neutral.
Multiple people working together must be directed by someone.
Overwork is forbidden.
The toppling and resetting of the lifting and turning bearing of the upper roller and the balance of the upper roller shall be carried out after the main drive stops.
Do not pile up workpieces and sundries in the working place. Keep machine tools and the site clean at all times.
After the operation, cut off the power and lock the power box.

Safe operation
Usually, the operating efficiency and failure rate of mechanical equipment are closely related to operators. As operators of dangerous equipment, they should know more about relevant knowledge to effectively avoid some misoperation or accidents caused by operators. Now let's understand the details of the operation of the reel safety requirements.

First is the operator before the operation to tidy up around the operation environment, maintain a good operating environment, at the same time, the operator of the dress must be clean, avoid the working clothes in the process of the Angle of the roll in the, in the process of work must pay attention to the operator can only stand in the position of the both sides of the workpiece is the most reasonable. If in the process of operation, to adjust the measurement of size roundness, then must stop the operation, prohibit the operation in the process of operation. There should be a certain margin for the final machining.

During the process of measuring the roundness of dimensions, it is forbidden for the operator to stand on the rolled cylinder and at the same time to stand on the workpiece to be processed. For some difficult processing of the workpiece: such as, thicker, or larger diameter, raw material hardness or strength is higher, should be through a small amount of work at the same time after many times to work to achieve the effect. For some small workpiece diameter, should be placed in the middle of the roll rolling operations.