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What is the CNC hydraulic bending machine?

The CNC hydraulic bending machine refers to the double-cylinder up-type CNC hydraulic bending machine, which drives the extension and return of the left and right cylinders through various valve actions on the servo proportional valve, thereby driving the slider to rise and fall.

The synchronization of the slider adopts full-closed electro-hydraulic servo control technology. The position signal of the slider is fed back to the numerical control system by the grating scales on both sides, and then the numerical control system controls the opening size of the synchronous valve to automatically adjust the amount of oil entering the cylinder to control the slip. The synchronous operation of the block (Y1, Y2) axes always maintains a parallel state to the table.

The relevant systems used are:
Control system: DA65W, a special CNC system of Delem Company of the Netherlands. The system adopts Microsoft Industrial Specialized Operating System Windows CE.
Hydraulic system: Germany Bosch servo valve, hydraulic unit has vacuum screen filtration and electronic filtration dual filtration system.
Transmission system: high-precision ball screw and linear guide rolling, Japan Yaskawa servo motor.
Compensation mechanism: It adopts two-way compensation of slider and table to realize no blind zone compensation, thus ensuring the accuracy of bending.

Number of control axes: Y1, Y2, X, R, H axis;
Y1, Y2 axis positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.01mm;
X-axis positioning accuracy ±0.025mm, repeat positioning accuracy 0.025mm;
R axis positioning accuracy ± 0.025mm, repeat positioning accuracy 0.025mm.