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Use hydraulic bending machine precautions


What should I pay attention to when using a hydraulic bending machine? The hydraulic bending machine must be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures. The precautions for machining with the hydraulic bending machine are: pay attention to the positioning method during machining and the operation mode in the machining after the various machining methods. , Such as:

1. (1) When the mold is being assembled, the bending is performed, and the rear gauge needs to be pulled back to prevent the workpiece from being deformed during the bending process. (2) When the large workpiece is bent inside, the bending shape is smaller due to the larger shape of the workpiece. , making it difficult to overlap the tool and the bending zone, resulting in difficulty in positioning the bent workpiece or damage to the bent workpiece;
2. In order to avoid the above situation, an positioning point can be added in the longitudinal direction of the machining, so that the positioning is processed by two directions, the machining positioning is convenient, and the workpiece damage is avoided, and the processing method improves the safety of the processing and improves the safety. Productivity.
3. The precautions for the shape bending are: When bending a small size, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the bending of the upper mold and the rear gauge interferes (the interference range of the positive and negative loading of each tool is different).