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What is the working principle of the hydraulic machine?


The hydraulic press is a machine for realizing the machining process according to the Pascal principle. It is a kind of liquid, which is a working medium. Through the change of pressure, the static pressure of the liquid is used to process metal, rubber, powder and the like. The hydraulic press can be divided into a hydraulic press and a hydraulic press according to the different liquid medium inside. The hydraulic press mainly uses the control of water and oil balance to work with static pressure transmission.

The hydraulic press is a kind of hydraulic cylinder that uses the special hydraulic oil as the medium to drive the hydraulic circuit by the power of the hydraulic pump. Through the coordination and cooperation between the various components, a certain power is generated to achieve the machining of the machine. Also known as the four-column hydraulic press, the four-column hydraulic press is mainly used for the processing of plastic materials.

There are two main types of hydraulic machines: they are divided into four columns, single columns, vertical, horizontal, etc. Stretch forming, extrusion molding, bending forming, and the like.